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Academic Resource Center


Academic Resource Center - Located on the first floor of Billington Library, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is your one-stop shop for free tutoring assistance for your credit classes. It has a large study area, a library assistant who will help you find where you need to go, and Stacks Café, serving coffee and snacks.


Within the ARC you’ll find the College’s many resource centers, co-located for your convenience. Each resource center has its own available services.


EAP Available to Employees and Family - As of Oct. 1, 2020 the JCCC Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all JCCC employees and their immediate family members.


Canvas Assignment Availability

Have you ever needed to make the same assignment available to some students over different dates than other students? Have you ever gotten tangled in the weird "+Add" button below the "Due Date" field? This tip explains how there's more going on at the bottom of assignments than maybe you thought.


Fall PDD Sessions Available On-Demand


Student-Installed Outdoor Exhibit #1960Now Oct. 27 - Nov. 23

JCCC is hosting #1960Now, by internationally known artist Sheila Pree Bright, an outdoor exhibit that parallels the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s with the Black Lives Matter movement of today. The exhibit is being installed by Fine Arts student and Fine Arts & Design Studios.


Oct. 25-28: Virtual Assessment Institute

Nov. 4: Virtual Peacebuilding Conference Sessions - Solidarity Not Charity: Building Peace through Mutual Aid and Faith Activism and Comprehensive and Effective Approach to Black Lives Matter and Addressing the Needs of All Marginalized Communities

Nov. 10-12: Kansas Service and Civic Engagement Virtual Conference


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